Strategic Announcement: 10 Year Campus Plan

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St Cuthbert’s offers a leading education for girls, and we are committed to delivering an individualised approach to learning, to enable every girl to reach her potential. Our Principal, Justine Mahon, and the Trust Board have spent considerable time this year developing its strategic plan for the future of the school.  Our vision is to “Enable every girl to succeed and thrive – through developing her individual strengths, expanding her thinking, and building her inner confidence.”

To support that vision, we need to ensure that St Cuthbert’s continues to have the resources to develop girls’ strategies that are relevant to the workplace of the future, including innovation and entrepreneurial skills, and critical thinking, across all areas of school life.  Providing an agile and responsive learning environment that supports our students’ ability to connect with each other, and their understanding of how they can make a difference in the world, builds their confidence and resilience.

Our campus facilities need to continue to provide opportunities for girls to lead in the key TESC areas (Technology, Entrepreneurship, Science and Citizenship) enabling them to translate their learning into earning a living that is consistent with their individual strengths and passions, and their capacity to contribute.

From our Junior School, right through to Year 13, we are committed to providing the very best learning environment for our girls. The ten-year campus plan outlined below focusses on three key building projects: a dedicated Centre for Innovation, the renovation of Clouston Hall, and the development of a Sports Pavilion.  It is ambitious and forward thinking, ensuring that St Cuthbert’s remains at the forefront of education for girls in New Zealand, and globally.  We will be undertaking detailed consultation with our St Cuthbert’s community from Term 1 next year.

While St Cuthbert’s presently offers a leading science and technology curriculum, we need to ensure that the education we provide in these areas continues to be fully resourced, equipping each girl with the skills and confidence to be successful in the fast paced technologically driven global environment.

We need to provide a modern and future focussed environment that inspires entrepreneurs and science leaders of the future, and equips our girls to be at the forefront of innovation, discovery, and research, enabling them to translate their school learning to the working environment.  With a strong focus on Technology, Entrepreneurship, Science and Citizenship, we are planning to build a Centre for Innovation that will serve the needs of the entire school – our Junior School girls as well as those in Years 7-13.

It is proposed that the building will centralise science, technology, commerce and entrepreneurship into one environment, and foster cross disciplinary collaboration and learning.  This will support a greater connection between the classroom and the real world of science and technology.

The facility will provide additional classrooms, including multiple flexible and interactive teaching rooms, and state of the art dedicated lab spaces for physics, chemistry, biology, and technology. There will also be large rooms and spaces for robotics, software development, entrepreneurial projects, and other supervised student-led research projects across all disciplines, and study areas.

Bringing the disciplines into one environment will drive a centralised hub for developing students’ entrepreneurial and innovative skills.  The science, technology, maths, and business entrepreneurship departments will be grouped together in a collaborative space. Global Citizenship supports our girls to become lifelong learners, with the values, principles, and competencies necessary for sustained learning and responsible participation in society.  The vision is that the building will become the home for Global Citizenship at St Cuthbert’s, and also the Careers Advice Centre.

Clouston Hall is at the heart of the school, and has been the primary gathering place for performances, assemblies and prize givings for generations of girls.  It was opened in 1955 and has an important place in our history and heritage.  In particular, the front of the Hall architecturally references other buildings on the campus.  However, for Clouston Hall to retain its important position as the primary gathering and performance centre for the whole school community, it needs to be renovated, to become a modern, state of the art facility to host events, concerts, and exhibitions.

St Cuthbert’s offers a leading sports programme for our girls, whether they are training at the elite level, or participating in more social games for health and fitness.   A sports pavilion, to be located near the hockey field, will provide a gathering point for spectators and girls, and a central hub for sports coaches and staff.  It will also feature a function space for the school community to come together.