Head Girl Ruby Sussock

Meet our Head Girl

Since I arrived at St Cuthbert’s in Year 9, this school has helped me grow into the confident and motivated person I am today. The supportive environment, alongside all of the amazing girls that we have here, has enabled me to start realising my hopes and dreams.

I was so grateful to be elected Head Girl for 2020 and began the year beyond excited to be leading our student group into a brand-new decade brimming with positivity and confidence for the future. Little did I know what lay ahead, and just how vital our roles as Senior Leaders would be.

By the end of our first term, we were saying tearful farewells at the school gate. We were in the grips of a global pandemic, the country was in lockdown and our final school year was on hold. But retreating to our bubbles, we soon realised that as Prefects and Leaders of the school, our role was even more important than ever. We needed to support our school community to ensure we kept our strong connections with one another. And this was our chance to give back to the school that has given so much to us, even if it was from within the walls of our own homes. 

What ensued was an amazing, positive response to adversity. The Prefects set up a student led e-magazine called ‘Talking Tartan’ for all the quaranTEENS of St Cuthbert’s. We also initiated the ‘Big Sister, Little Sister’ buddy programme which provided a safe space for girls of all ages to connect and relate over lockdown experiences and adventures.

We evolved new ways to keep our school community connected and I am so proud of the work that has been done to bring our St Cuthbert’s family even closer together.

If the events of this year have taught us one thing, it is to be so grateful for the life we live and for the love we receive. We are truly lucky to attend a school that did not even flinch at the word ‘pandemic’ or ‘online school’ and continued to provide us with the highest quality education and care. 

I never would have guessed that my last year at St Cuthbert’s would look anything like this, but I have realised how truly lucky we are to have a school that cares so deeply for our wellbeing. 

Despite the challenges, we have truly embraced our values of love and service – our St Cuthbert’s motto ‘By Love Serve’ has never been more apt.

Aroha Nui,

Head Girl Ruby Sussock

Ruby Sussock

Head Girl 2020