Beyond St Cuthbert’s

Our students go on to pursue a wide range of tertiary studies and careers, both nationally and overseas.

Our Knowledge Rich approach introduces our students to a way of learning that will stay with them for life. New Zealand is widely regarded as the number one country in the world at preparing students for the future (Economic Intelligence Unit, 2018). Our academic approach is reflective of this, and with a St Cuthbert’s education, your daughter will acquire the analytical, creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills that are needed to future-proof her chosen career path.

The Class of 2018

Since graduating from St Cuthbert’s, the Class of 2018 have gone on to pursue a broad range of tertiary education and employment, both in New Zealand and overseas.

• 104 students are studying at New Zealand tertiary institutions

• 43 students are studying at overseas tertiary institutions

• 7 students are undertaking GAP year

• 2 students have moved to full-time employment

International Study Opportunities

St Cuthbert’s students have a reputation for obtaining exceptional academic results. With both National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) and International Baccalaureate (IB) qualifications on offer, no matter your daughter’s academic aspirations and interests, she will acquire the digital, entrepreneurial, creative and analytical skills that are needed to future-proof her chosen career path. Here are just some of our recent graduates who are achieving amazing results overseas:

Sydney, Australia

Annie Sun (Class of 2018)
University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Medicine

I am currently a student at the University of Sydney, studying Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine degrees. I picked the University of Sydney because of its excellent campus, research opportunities, course structure and community.

Although the transition from St Cuthbert’s to university is daunting, it also means a lot more independence in everything, from what specific courses to study to what I do in my free time, and is a very exciting part of life.

While applying for university, I researched each of the universities I was interested in and only applied for the ones I could really see myself attending. This meant I wasn’t wasting my time researching and applying for universities that I didn’t really want to go to.

I would recommend living in a hostel for the first semester, or first year, to give you the opportunity to meet different people, make new friends, and make the transition to university go smoothly.

Annie undertook the National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) qualification.

Sydney, Australia

Amy Zhang (Class of 2017)
University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Finance)

The main reason why I chose the University of Sydney was because it is one of the world’s leading law schools. The University of Sydney ranks fifth globally for graduate employability, which I found very attractive.

My transition from St Cuthbert’s to university was relatively smooth as I found that Australian culture is not too different from our own. I studied the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification at St Cuthbert’s. I believe it has set me up well for university and beyond. The Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) component of IB encouraged me to take on new opportunities outside the classroom. For example, I successfully landed a legal job in my first year. The opportunity to gain experience as a paralegal and administrative officer only came about because I put myself out there.

Applying to university can be very time consuming and so it is important to think ahead. The Careers Department staff are more than happy to help. Make the most of the amazing resources you have.

Amy Zhang completed the International Baccalaureate qualification.

United Kingdom

Olivia Bennett (Dux, Class of 2017)
Cambridge University, United Kingdom

In September 2018, I began studying at Cambridge University in the U.K. I am reading economics at Gonville & Caius College, which has proved to be challenging, yet incredibly rewarding.

Transitioning to life in the U.K. was difficult at first, particularly in missing my family and being intimidated by the high academic calibre of students here. However, I have made some lovely friends and am thoroughly enjoying the freedom of university life.

When I accepted my position at Cambridge, I was interested in their high-quality education, however, now that I have begun my studies, I see that Cambridge has so much more to offer: engaging and welcoming students, stunning architecture, fascinating history and a lively student life.

There are so many opportunities to take advantage of e.g. I have unexpectedly taken up rowing. In addition, traditions such as College marriage (where you ‘marry’ another student in first year and ‘adopt’ freshers in your second year) and formal dinners provide a fun break to study. While moving away from home is challenging, the opportunities and experiences that come from studying overseas make it entirely worthwhile.

I would highly recommend that current students apply to overseas universities, as meeting people from all sorts of cultures, backgrounds and languages expands your world view. In addition, you appreciate New Zealand so much more when visiting home!

Olivia undertook the National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) qualification and was the recipient of the Sir Douglas Meyer’s Scholarship.

Hawaii, United States of America

Bernadette Doyle (Class of 2018)
University of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States of America
Bachelor of Arts in Humanities – Creative Media

I have been at the University of Hawaii for nearly three months on a Water polo scholarship and I am having an amazing time. It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet heaps of International people and has allowed me to learn new skills in Water polo, culturally, and at school. It’s also not a bad thing to be able to go surfing in the middle of winter!

I am very grateful to St Cuthbert’s for this opportunity which would never have happened without their support of me throughout my senior years. Over the last two years, I was away overseas approximately two months each year, and the school’s academic support enabled me to maintain strong enough grades to receive the scholarship. Travelling to world championships was a critical factor in securing a scholarship, as international coaches attend these events with the purpose of scouting new recruits. I am forever grateful to St Cuthbert’s for their guidance and support in helping me achieve my goals.

Georgia, United States of America

Stacey Tian (Class of 2017)
Georgia Tech, United States of America
Aerospace Engineering

I’ve known that I wanted to study engineering for the longest time, however, I had never really thought about which country or university. It was only during my application process that I started to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each school.

The United States stood out to me due to its general emphasis on learning outside of the classroom. As a result, I applied to as many top U.S. engineering schools as possible. Out of the ones I was accepted to, Georgia Tech stood out as a university with a strong aerospace engineering programme (because rockets are cool) and an emphasis on opportunities outside of traditional academics.

Since arriving here, I’ve had the chance to meet incredible people and do amazing things. Where else in the world would you be able to build rockets in your spare time and pretend to be a part of a zombie apocalypse?

It also helps that most of the students there are engineering majors. It’s interesting to see that while other schools have the business building, the music building, the liberal arts building, etc., we have the aerospace engineering building, the mechanical engineering building, the civil engineering building.

While my classmates’ inability to correctly guess my accent is starting to get annoying, living in the United States has been wonderful. I’ve grown to appreciate the small (and large) differences and am excited to spend the next few years here.

Stacey Tian completed the International Baccalaureate qualification with a top score of 45.