Global citizenship

An in-depth understanding of the world beyond ourselves is, we believe, essential in growing 21st Century girls.

As part of our responsibility to prepare girls for their futures, an innovative and robust Global Citizenship framework is engrained across every aspect of school life.

Put simply, this framework encourages our girls to truly understand their individual and collective role in the world. It equips them to accept responsibility to make the changes required to achieve a sustainable society.

Global Citizenship is not a subject to be learned, rather it’s a way of thinking and approaching life.  It is at the heart of our school Compass values and embodies our motto: By Love Serve. It also equips young people with knowledge, skills and values to participate as responsible, active citizens.

In everyday life, having a well-developed sense of Global Citizenship sets our girls up to negotiate such issues to do with human rights, responsibilities, wealth distribution, environmental sustainability, diversity, and social inclusiveness. In years to come, we envisage these foundations will help our girls facilitate lasting change in the organisations, communities, and societies they are part of.

One of New Zealand’s most successful socially-inclusive initiatives, Eat My Lunch was founded by St Cuthbert’s Old Girl Lisa King. This innovative and practical initiative is a great example of the thinking and outcomes our Global Citizenship framework encourages.

Our Global Citizenship model is based on UNESCO’s pillars of learning and are fundamental principles for reshaping education:

  1. Learning to know
  2. Learning to do
  3. Learning to be
  4. Learning to live together 
  5. Learning to transform oneself and society

St Cuthbert’s is now a UNESCO Associated Schools Network Project (ASPnet) school and UNESCO plays a strong role in our approach to Global Citizenship education. The school has a collaborative relationship with UNESCO, a global organisation with a vast network and access to resources, professional learning, and connections.   St Cuthbert’s is a school that has embraced future focused, education, we are well placed to lead by modelling a whole school approach to global citizenship education across all year levels, in New Zealand and with UNESCO’s network of 10,000 schools across 180 countries.