Individualised learning

At St Cuthbert’s developing happy, engaged and keen learners begins with knowing each girl individually.

This includes recognising and catering for her specific learning needs and identifying the appropriate support, mentoring and encouragement to enable her to achieve her full potential.

We are committed to equipping our girls with skills for life. As the workload and complexity of school and University increases, we believe that through understanding – and being proud of – her learning style, she will have a powerful set of tools for life.

Girls with all abilities are welcomed at St Cuthbert’s and we have a strong reputation for our work with diverse learners. Old Girls still make a point of coming back to tell us what it meant to have been supported to learn in their own way – then go on to achieve amazing things in life.

Identifying diverse learners

Diversity encompasses everything from giftedness (learning enrichment) to processing disorders, learning differences (specialised learning intervention) and ESOL (English Second Language Learners).

We recognise the fact that some students will require additional intervention opportunities to cater for their specific needs. A data driven identification process helps identify these girls.

As part of our strong focus on the pastoral care of each girl, our deans, teachers and PLC staff meet regularly to review the overall wellbeing of girls in our care. Through this process, any girl with diverse learning requirements is identified early and handled with sensitivity. By taking a team approach all school staff can help parents understand and support their daughter.

Teaching the teachers

While we have a dedicated Personalised Learning Centre, the support for diverse learners is all-encompassing.  Our PLC specialists work closely with teachers, equipping them with the understanding, tools and strategies they need to best support diverse learners in their care. Every St Cuthbert’s teacher is a teacher of diverse learners.

Finding every girl’s potential

Our goal is to help every girl understand how she best learns and equip her with the tools and strategies to unlock this. This could mean anything from specialised tuition to catch up in a single subject to a fully-customised learning programme.

Supporting diverse learners is a three-way commitment between the school, our girl, and her parents. We work very closely and transparently with parents and with all parties fully-invested, and together, are able to help her reach her full potential.

As an all-girl school we have a deep knowledge of the ways girls learn best, so your daughter will get the individual support, attention or extension she needs to be her best self.

Junior School

In these vital early years, this is often where the most intense support is required. Achievement results are closely analysed on a regular basis and further PLC assessments undertaken so that no girl goes under the radar. Our PLC works very closely with both the Junior School staff and parents to ensure each girl has all the support she needs to firmly establish the essentials of learning. Depending on the needs, this ranges from intense daily one on one instruction, small group withdrawal, to specific learning techniques in the classroom to a fully-integrated, individualised learning plan.

Senior School

Our Senior School Personalised Learning Support classes (PELS) are a valuable way for girls to revisit learning in a small group, at a significant stage of their academic development. These classes allow us to adapt a girl’s class schedule to provide extra targeted support where she needs it. For example, instead of doing a language she may be better to pick up extra English or Science support. If she’s struggling with maths she can get more intense support in one of the dedicated small group Maths classes.

In addition to academic support, our girls also have access to executive functioning skills such as focus, time management, study techniques and organisation. These PELs classes also help girls build their learning capabilities and emotional wellbeing.


We also offer English language support to students’ learning in a second language.Specialist teachers are available to provide withdrawal opportunities, guidance for classroom teachers with regular assessment to monitor progress of individual girls with adaptations when necessary.

GATE (Gifted and Talented)

St Cuthbert’s defines a gifted child as one who performs or who has the ability to perform at a level significantly beyond her chronologically aged peers. Giftedness can apply to either one or a variety of learning areas. At St Cuthbert’s, gifted and talented students are extended through an appropriately challenging and stimulating curriculum.