Knowledge Rich School

Our colleagues in tertiary education tell us that students are often coming to them with vital gaps in knowledge.

Current education conventions are strongly focused on ‘how’ students learn and are assessed, which can mean that the substance or the ‘what’ they learn is overshadowed.

As an independent school we have the freedom, resources and teaching talent which enable us to operate as a ‘Knowledge Rich School’. This approach is a key strategic focus at St Cuthbert’s and is based on teaching in depth and specialist subject knowledge in ways girls understand, retain and can apply. Our Knowledge Rich approach opens St Cuthbert’s girls’ minds to knowledge and learning in ways that will stay with them for life.

These girls moving into the new entrepreneurial and technology fields will have the foundation they need in Maths and Science. If they become engineers they will readily be able to apply deep conceptual knowledge as they have been trained in the thinking from the early years.  The creative and critical thinking skills practised in their study of English and other arts will underpin students’ success in the expansive world that is revealed through the study of these subjects.

Deeper conceptual learning

As a Knowledge Rich School, we believe this deeper learning is the foundation for your daughter’s experiential and problem-based learning. It supports her critical and creative thinking across all areas of the curriculum and encourages her to remain engaged with learning, right throughout her life. This approach begins in Year 1, where our five year olds develop critical thinking habits, and curiosity through our innovative Stretch programme.

While this philosophy is innovative and successful, the outcomes can only be achieved by passionate and talented teaching experts. We are fortunate to attract some of New Zealand’s most highly-regarded specialists in their subjects. Not only do they have deep and thorough knowledge themselves, they teach with innovation and imagination. Their commitment, passion and tenacity means they persevere with each girl until she gets it.

Just as we are committed to expanding your daughter’s knowledge, our teachers’ professional development is also a real priority. As part of this we are collaborating with the University of Auckland to further deepen the knowledge of our teachers across core curriculum subjects.