St Cuthbert’s offers scholarship opportunities to motivated girls with talents across all different areas of life.

Applications for our 2022 scholarships will be posted online on 1 February 2021.

The scholarships listed here are for external candidates who are not current students of St Cuthbert’s. Current students can find information about available scholarships on myCollege.

St Cuthbert's blazer with medals and badges

St Cuthbert’s General Scholarships

Applications for St Cuthbert’s Scholarships for 2021 places have now closed.

Two girls sitting on bench chatting in St Cuthbert's uniform

Endeavour Scholarships

For girls of Maori or Pasifika descent. Applications for 2021 places have now closed.

Questions about scholarships?

Email Brenda Crean at [email protected] or phone 09 520 4159 ext 7813 if you need more information.

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