We have welcomed hundreds of girls to our boarding family over the years, and many Boarders and their parents tell us how much the special care, support and understanding has meant to them – especially in the early days.

Our experienced and compassionate team are experts in helping girls adjust to living away from home – often from overseas. As they grow up alongside each other we also watch them develop amazing camaraderie, independence and a sense of lasting sisterhood.

Settling In

As a Boarder, your daughter will quickly become part of a tight-knit family within the wider St Cuthbert’s community. Her teachers, deans, boarding staff and older girls all keep a special eye on her to make sure she’s settling in, feels supported and is making friends.

As soon as she joins us she will make many new connections within the boarding community fostering close relationships between girls of different year levels and Houses.

We understand that living away from home for the first time can be daunting – however it’s also a time of excitement, independence and life-defining experiences. As boarding staff, our job is to make sure your daughter is happy, understands she is well-supported, cared for and belongs.

“We are very pleased the way our daughter has settled into the boarding house. Her house manager has been fabulous at quickly building a relationship with her”.

Our Boarding Family Groups

The Boarding Family groups are made up of six or seven girls across the different year groups. Girls in these families stay together right through their time at St Cuthbert’s, enabling them to form strong bonds and use their own experiences to assist younger members of the family as they progress through the school. Belonging to ‘my other family’ also builds Boarders’ self-esteem and promotes support, encouragement and affirmation for one another.

As part of our buddy system new Boarders will also be buddied with the Year 13 student from her family group. The Year 13 in each family is responsible for the welfare of the students within her group. Once a week these families sit together at mealtimes and plan at least one activity per term to do together. This enables new Boarders to feel part of a group very quickly and provides opportunities to socialise with other year groups.

Prep Programme

The Boarding House offers a structured prep programme in the evenings to enable students to complete their homework and study for assessments and examinations. Year 7-10 Boarders return to the classrooms and are supported in their study by experienced tutors. Year 11-13 Boarders work in the Boarding House supported by their House managers.

Weekend Activities Programme

Each term there is a comprehensive programme of onsite and offsite activities for the Boarders to enjoy every weekend. Photographs from the activities are shared with parents and caregivers in the ‘Heart of the College’ weekly newsletter from the Director of Boarding.

“I have developed independence and responsibility from my time in boarding. I have had to organise myself and not rely on my parents to do things for me”.

International Boarders

Each year we welcome Boarders from around New Zealand and the world. We understand that for international Boarders, the move away from home – and their home country – is a particularly significant transition.

Our special wraparound pastoral care programme for international students recognises this and provides an extra level of support. This includes an induction day for international families, international student lunches, international themed dinners and regular meetings with the international students’ co-ordinator and counsellor.

Dedicated Asian counsellor

Our specialist Asian counsellor Patrick Au is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin and is available to work with your daughter as she adapts to her new environment.

At all times, our primary focus is to understand the cultural, family, and academic background of your daughter and make sure she has everything she needs to be happy and thrive at St Cuthbert’s.


The induction programme for international Boarders provides an opportunity to begin to build relationships between students and staff, develop understanding of the boarding environment and procedures, and familiarise international students with New Zealand culture.

International families are invited to attend an induction day prior to the school year starting. This enables girls and their families and/or designated caregivers to get to know the school and Boarding House staff.

This includes a social afternoon with an outing around the Auckland city area to help familiarise students with their local area. Other events are held throughout the year to help international Boarders understand and integrate into the St Cuthbert’s family.

Flexible Boarding Options

St Cuthbert’s College provides three boarding options:

Full Boarding: Boarders remain at the school during the weekend. Full Boarders, however, may take leave on any weekend.

Weekly Boarding: Boarders return home during the weekend. Weekly Boarders may remain in boarding during the weekend.

Flexi Boarding: Day students stay as a temporary Boarder. This is available for day girls who require short term stays – either while their parents are away or during times when they have school commitments late in the evening and early in the morning.

Boarding Houses

As our three Boarding Houses are located within the St Cuthbert’s campus, providing a safe and secure environment. Boarders have easy access to the school and all its amazing facilities.

Elgin House: Accommodates 46 Boarders

All Year 9 Boarders and some Year 11 and Year 12 students live in Elgin House. Four Year 12 Leaders assist the House Manager with the pastoral care of Boarders.

Dunblane House: Accommodates 46 Boarders

All Year 7, Year 8 and Year 10 Boarders and some Year 11 and 12 girls live in Dunblane House. Four Year 12 Leaders assist the House Manager with the pastoral care of Boarders.

Melrose House: Accommodates 33 Boarders

All Year 13 Boarders and some Year 12s live in this house.