Old Girls’ Association

“Even at the most challenging and difficult times in our lives, we still carry with us a strong sense of who we are and where we belong and are secure in friendships that go well beyond our school days”
Rosemary Nalden – 2007 Old Girls Honours Board Recipient St Cuthbert’s girls never entirely leave the College at the conclusion of their education. They remain an important part of the College community through the Old Girls’ Association (OGA). Run by a voluntary committee representing over 5,000 past students, the OGA allows past pupils to stay in touch with class mates and maintains a link to St Cuthbert’s that enables Old Girls to continue to contribute to the College. Lifetime membership is automatic and all students are enrolled when they join the College community. The OGA embraces the College motto of By Love Serve and strives to invest its efforts into projects that will enrich the entire St Cuthbert’s community. We fund five scholarships for students in Year 9-13. These are awarded to girls who show all round ability and will benefit from the College philosophy of striving for excellence and realising potential, but who without assistance would not have the opportunity to attend St Cuthbert’s. We also contribute to building projects, of which the Old Girls’ Chapel, a cottage at remote campus Kahunui and the Old Girl’s Health Education Centre in the new Centennial Centre for Wellbeing are examples. Decade reunions are held every year in March and the committee ensures that there are annual functions to meet old friends and reminisce about school days. We have many inspirational Old Girls who have excelled in their chosen fields and each year our top achieving Old Girls are recognised in our Making Their Mark and Marking Service awards. Welcome to the online hub of the Old Girls’ Association – we look forward to hearing your news. Downloads OGA Application Form