2019 Alumnae Survey

Thank you to our Old Girls for participating in our 2019 survey

Alumnae like you have shared with us the enormously positive effect a St Cuthbert’s education has had on you and the place it still holds in your hearts. In response to your detailed survey feedback, we will soon be making improvements to Old Girls communication, events and volunteering opportunities to suit the needs and interests of a wider variety of Old Girls like you.

We are grateful to the 1,151 of you who responded to our Old Girls survey and took the time to share some of your story since you left school. Your reflections on how the school and the Old Girls Association can better serve you have formed the basis of our plans to expand the alumnae programme over the next two years.

In your messages to Justine about what makes the school special, you’ve told us that St Cuthbert’s uniquely equips girls with a sense that ‘women can achieve anything’ and gives them the confidence to pursue their goals.

You were upbeat about your experience as a student, and when sharing your fondest memories, you chose most often to write about the friendships you made at school and the teachers and staff that guided and supported your journey. Many of you shared how you are still friends with your school classmates – even several decades after graduation!

The strength of our community and shared values also comes through clearly in the results – 66% of you feel a connection to fellow Old Girls even if they aren’t your friends, and 66% agree that our ‘By Love, Serve’ motto has been an important influence on your life beyond the College gates.

However, we also recognise that there is work for us to do to help improve your alumnae experience – and we are committed to showcasing less conventional journeys beyond our school gates and demonstrating more clearly how we value the contributions of all our alumnae in future.

We also sought to gauge your interest in volunteering for the school and we have been overwhelmed by the positive response. Most alumnae who responded (69%) would like to give their time or expertise to the school community in some way – with student career talks and mentoring proving popular, as well as welcoming alumnae who are moving to new cities or countries. Although we’ve been delighted to support a small number of alumnae to contribute in these ways, we’ll be looking to offer a wider variety of volunteering opportunities to even more Old Girls like you in the light of your feedback.

You have also told us we need to demonstrate more overtly how donations from Old Girls are having an impact at the school. Strengthening our donor experience will be our focus in the Development team for the next 12 months and you will soon notice positive changes in the way we ask you to give and how you are thanked, recognised and kept informed about how your gifts are used.

Regarding events and communications; email, Evergreen Ties and social media are the most common ways you’re hearing from us. We’d like to do more with social media, and make sure you can use this to connect with one other, as well as the school. The frequency and tailoring of our emails are both under review given your desire to hear from us more often but with greater relevance. We’d also like to run more events that match your personal and professional interests, which you’ve told us would make you more inclined to join us at a future event.

Please do keep an eye on your email and the Old Girls website in the coming months, for more detailed information about the changes to your alumnae experience at St Cuthbert’s based on your survey feedback.

Many thanks again to you all for taking the time to help us improve. We look forward to rolling out our new and enhanced programme this year!

Did you go to Kahunui between 2008 and 2014? You can participate in an academic study!

Along with stories of treasured friends and inspiring teachers, many alumnae chose to write about their life-changing experience at Kahunui in our Old Girls survey.

If you’re an Old Girl who went to Kahunui between 2008 and 2014, you might like to participate in an academic research study being conducted by PhD candidate Shannon McNatty from the University of Otago. Shannon researched the Kahunui for her Masters degree, and is now interested in reflections from alumnae about what they learned at Kahunui and the long-term effects of this learning.

To get involved, please fill in this 10-minute online survey at https://tinyurl.com/OGsKahunui. From this survey, several alumnae will be selected for interviews with Shannon about their experiences.