Old Girls’ Branch Information

Please contact the appropriate person below if you are interested in catching up with Old Girls in these areas. If you would like to set up an OGA branch in your area, please contact alumnae@stcuthberts.school.nz. NORTHLAND Contact: TBC Email: alumnae@stcuthberts.school.nz WAIKATO Contact: Catharine Stuart (Murray) Phone: 07 827 1766 Email: bandcstuart@gmail.com BAY OF PLENTY Contact: Dearwyn Caulfield Phone: 0274 935 037 Email: pdcaulfield@xtra.co.nz BRISBANE Contact: Trish Cotterell Email: trish07.cotterell@gmail.com PERTH Contact: Marg Shorter (Hartnell) Phone: (08) 9388 2221 Email: margshorter@westnet.com.au LOS ANGELES Contact: Amanda Wong Phone: (626) 7983035 Email: kiwi_esq@hotmail.com NEW YORK Contact: Ashleigh Hunt Email:  ahunt@cgr-law.com LONDON Contact: Kate Turner Phone: (44) 78374 57882 Email:  katemacsween1@gmail.com TARANAKI Contact: Elizabeth Utting (Gray) Phone: (06) 927 4909 Email: johnandelizabeth150@gmail.com CHINA – Beijing Contact: Jennifer Jin Ma Email:  jenniferjinma@littleoasis.cn DALLAS Contact: Clair Robinson (Menzies)  Email: clairmenzies@gmail.com