Centennial Scholarship

The Old Girls’ Association was delighted to add the Centennial Scholarship to our list of scholarships. Some years ago it was decided that this would be a fitting acknowledgement of the College’s Centenary celebrations in 2015.  The Committee has employed a rigorous fundraising campaign in order to ensure that we have funds available and we are very grateful to the many members of the whole school community who have supported our efforts.
This scholarship will be awarded every two years for a student to attend the College through the Senior Academy in Year 12 and 13.  The Senior Academy recognises maturity and growth and offers a greater opportunity to realise leadership potential.  It is the first time we have offered a scholarship exclusively to a student with College connections, who has not previously attended. We hope that Old Girls will continue to nominate their daughters or grand-daughters who would value the opportunity this scholarship presents. Our first student will join the College in 2015, our Centenary year – a wonderful introduction to life at St Cuthbert’s. Please contact Admissions and Scholarship Manager, on admissions@stcuthberts.school.nz for more information. Please continue to support the OGA by coming along to events organised by the committee – we love welcoming you back! Donations and bequests make a significant difference to the scholarship opportunities we can offer at the school. Even small amounts make a difference and can be posted to the Old Girls’ Association if you are interested in helping to provide education to a student who would be otherwise unable to attend the school.