Arts and culture

Participating in one of St Cuthbert’s many Performing Arts clubs and co-curricular groups will provide your daughter with the freedom to express herself creatively.

Whether she feels most at home behind the piano or performing at the front of the stage, there are countless opportunities for her to pursue her creative and artistic passions.

Musically inclined students are actively encouraged to participate in a variety of programmes at both a social and elite level; the school’s choirs, bands, orchestras and chamber ensembles consistently gaining awards and recognition in both local and national competitions.

Students with a flair for the dramatic can join the Drama Club, Theatresports or one of the school’s many cultural or contemporary dance troupes. The recently established co-curricular dance troupe, The Company, offers talented senior-level dancers the opportunity to represent their school at events and festivals.

Our Year 13 students are active leaders in student led initiatives, such as the annual House Performance, Talent Quest, Production Crew and the Performing Arts Committee, and these opportunities are acknowledged through ceremonies such as our Cultural Honours Awards Evening.

As competition increases for places in tertiary study and careers, involvement in the performing arts is recognised as a valuable differentiator. Apart from developing the obvious confidence and craft, involvement in the performing arts contributes to a well-rounded CV and skillset.

Our Co-Curricular Music Programme is integrated from Year 0 to Year 13. Students are encouraged and nurtured through their first instrumental and choral experiences towards becoming confident and capable performers. Central to our philosophy is the Suzuki scheme and our girls are lucky to have many of the country’s leading Suzuki teachers working with them.

With nearly 30 co-curricular music groups on offer and a variety of instruments to choose, students are actively encouraged to participate in our choral, instrumental and/or Jazz programmes, representing St Cuthbert’s at The Big Sing, The Kids’ Sing, and the KBB Music Festival.

Many of our girls enjoy dancing at St Cuthbert’s. “The Company” is a troupe of auditioned elite dancers from Years 9 to 13 with a focus on contemporary dance. Throughout the year The Company collaborate on a number of pieces for festivals and performances in the annual Dance Showcase, Easter Service, and Cultural Honours.

Over 250 students participate annually in the St Cuthbert’s Shakespeare Soiree, often going on to receive recognition at the SGCNZ Sheila Winn Shakespeare Festival.  Our girls also enjoy participating in the school Musical. Students can join the Drama Club, Theatre Sports, and our Year 13 students are active leaders in student led initiatives, such as the annual House Performance, Talent Quest, Production Crew and the Performing Arts Committee.

From Year 4 – 13 private Speech and Communication lessons are available. Many of our students advance through the Trinity School of London or New Zealand Speech Board examinations each year, gaining valuable technical skills along with confidence and practice in public speaking.

It is vital our girls have opportunities for creative expression. At St Cuthbert’s our tutors are experienced and qualified industry practitioners with a combination of national and/or international qualifications.  We encourage every student to find her niche, celebrate her strengths and begin her life-long engagement with the performing arts. Whether your daughter is already involved in the arts, or is interested in trying new experiences for fun, she’ll have an abundance of opportunities at St Cuthbert’s.