Junior School

A happy and positive experience at primary school level lays down essential lifelong foundations.

At St Cuthbert’s Junior School, we embrace the responsibility and privilege of helping your daughter develop through these precious, formative years.

Your daughter is a unique individual, and the best way to truly grasp how a St Cuthbert’s journey will look for her is to come and visit us. We welcome you to experience our environment first hand, and in the meantime, I would like to share a little about what you can expect for your daughter here.

We believe:

  • A happy girl is more engaged and receptive. Her education with us begins with her emotional wellbeing and happiness. Only when she feels settled, understood and that she belongs, can she be truly receptive and realise all that she is capable of.
  • Every girl is unique and grows at her own pace. Through over a century of all-girls’ education, we know just what she needs and that she will grow at her own pace. Our job is to find her unique strengths and help those bloom.
  • In an arms wide-round approach. No part of any girl develops in isolation. We see the best outcomes when home and school work closely together to wrap around each girl and nurture every part of her development.
  • In innovation in teaching and learning. As an independent school we seize the freedom to collaborate with other educators and initiate new ways of learning. Our ground-breaking programmes like Stretch, Moving Cog and Foundation Fitness, make a real difference to the way our girls make sense of the world around them.
  • Getting the basics right. The St Cuthbert’s commitment to being a Knowledge Rich School begins in the Junior School. From the day she starts with us, we’ll ensure your daughter develops the essential learning building blocks before moving onto the next stage. Only then can she fully embrace and sustain more complex concepts with confidence.

I personally believe that her childhood is a time of joy, wonder, imagination and fun. We see our girls making the most wonderful discoveries about themselves and their worlds, every day.

Being part of this journey is an absolute privilege. I hope you’ll come and experience this for yourself.

Kerry Oldman, Head of Junior School