Academic programme

At St Cuthbert’s, you can expect us to focus on the unique strengths and needs of your daughter.

You can expect her to be taught by teachers who go the extra mile to innovate, create exciting and engaging activities and to really understand your daughter as an individual.

From entry in Year 0 or 1 any diverse or special learning needs will be picked up. Through a robust process and close communication between teachers, parents and our Personalised Learning Centre specialists, a personalised, responsive learning plan is developed and this may include extra support or extension if she needs it.

Our Personalised Learning Centre also offers English language support to students’ learning in a second language.

Naturally, your daughter’s education will strongly embed the foundations of core STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). HOW she learns this however, is what sets her up for life. For example:

Learning through ‘Threading’

Our approach is to ‘thread’ knowledge and learning across the curriculum. So for example, while she may be engrossed in studying the abstract works of the great Russian artist Kadinsky, she is also understanding – and extending her grasp on – geometry.

While she may be catching a ball or threading beads in our Foundation Fitness programme, this in turn will be switching on crucial areas of her brain for learning.

No part of her is developing in isolation. When one dimension develops, we see all other parts of her expanding too.


Our Year 0 – 3 core curriculum is built around English and Mathematics, Social Science, Science, French, PE, Christian Education (JAM) and the Arts.

Our Year 4 – 6 curriculum builds on the foundations laid down in her early years and expands her ability to learn and think.

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy

This world-renowned philosophy of education underpins all learning in Year 0 to Year 6 classes. This approach was first developed at the end of World War II by psychologist, Loris Malaguzzi and supportive parents in the Italian area of Reggio Amelia. They believed post-war children needed a new and progressive way of learning and experiencing the world.

The natural development of children, along with the close relationships that they share with their environment, is at the centre of its philosophy. Guided by the Reggio Emilia principles, we focus on the whole child; we empower their thoughts, questions, interests and inspire a curiosity and lifelong learning.

Today, Reggio is acknowledged as one of the world’s best educational approaches for young children.

Find out more about Reggio Emilio

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Junior School is a time for learning, for exploring, for new experiences and for girls to discover what it is that they are passionate about. To assist girls in finding what sparks their passion we give them the chance to participate in different sports, play an instrument and shine on the stage in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Watch our video to find out more about the co-curricular opportunities your daughter will have access to at St Cuthbert’s.