Year 0–3 curriculum

Our Junior School curriculum is inspired by the Reggio Emilia inquiry-based approach.  This is an innovative, and inspiring learning philosophy for early childhood education which values each child as strong, capable, and resilient.


The core literacy skills identified in the New Zealand Curriculum of listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and presenting are fundamental to the Junior School programme.


The teaching of Mathematics in the Junior School covers the strands of the New Zealand Curriculum – number and algebra, geometry and measurement and statistics. Students are encouraged to solve problems using a range of strategies every day in real contexts.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences expose girls to different roles people play across a range of cultures, times and places.


Science teaching is practical and hands on. It is focused on giving girls many opportunities to investigate and make sense of the world we live in. Girls learn about the importance of science in our daily lives.


The use of digital technology as a tool for learning is integrated into everyday learning programmes at all year levels of the Junior School. This starts with our youngest girls who have access to classroom iPads as a tool to support Reading, Writing, Mathematics and sharing their learning through various apps.

Girls are guided by specialist teachers in all areas of technology learning, and explore nine key modules addressing digital citizenship concepts as part of a structured programme.

The Stretch programme  enables girls to explore key STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) areas. Units explore context, identify a need or opportunity and promote the design and creation of an outcome to address this need through technological processes.

Specialist teachers:


The acquisition of a second language begins in Year 1. French is the target language because it complements our core literacy skills development. Our specialist French teacher provides a sequential language learning programme.


Music classes allow students to express themselves through singing, playing, moving, listening, creating and reading music. Specialist teachers offer practical experiences to facilitate the development of beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, form and style.

Physical Education

Our PE programme is designed to encourage regular physical activity and skills development; it also prepares students for playing sport and for working as part of a team.

Taught by specialist teachers, the PE programme incorporates activities such as small and large ball skills, aquatics, dance and movement, running, jumping and throwing, gymnastics, games and activities from other cultures.

JAM: Jesus and Me

Girls work with a specialist teacher to explore the basis of Christian community through Bible stories and to unpack the meaning of our school motto, By Love Serve, and its importance in our daily lives.