Middle School

Strategic Announcement: Our Middle School is changing for 2020

St Cuthbert’s offers a leading education for girls, and we understand that girls can only achieve their personal best if they are happy and have every opportunity to discover what makes them unique.

To remain at the forefront of girls’ education globally, and to deliver our vision, we constantly critique the different aspects of our educational practice.

Over the past 12 months, we have focused on ensuring that we have the right structure in place across the school so that we continue to provide the very best environment in which your daughter can achieve her full potential.

From the start of Term One 2020, our Senior School will begin in Year 7 instead of Year 9.  The move to incorporate Years 7 and 8 into our Senior School enables us to better recognise the unique developmental needs of girls in each of those specific year groups, and will provide many additional opportunities for leadership, mentoring, and learning across the school.

Our changes present a unique structure, that recognises the different developmental needs across the year levels, and strengthens the special sisterhood culture at St Cuthbert’s. This will support your daughter to be happy, develop at her own pace, and achieve her very best.

To find out more about this unique school structure, click here.

Middle School

The step from Year 6, or her primary school years, to Year 7 is one of the most significant transitions your daughter will make. Through these years our focus is on the unique developmental, academic, pastoral and social needs of your daughter.

It’s a very special and formative time for her. While she can experience greater emotional, physical and social growing pains, she is also flourishing. We see girls become more open to learning and making new discoveries. They have heightened self-awareness and curiosity about the world.

Happy girls are engaged girls. Feeling happy, confident and belonging is vital during these years and each girl’s happiness is at the heart of everything we do. Through our unique Year 7 homeroom model, our girls are closely observed and supported by strong wraparound pastoral care and support. Our homeroom teachers get to know each girl and they also have an open line of communication with parents.

She is an individual. We believe that each girl has unique interests and strengths and she will bloom in her own time. We take the time to understand your daughter’s individuality, help her progress at her own pace, and discover what makes her amazing.

She embraces opportunity. These are the years of ‘giving it a go’. With so many new opportunities and responsibilities on offer she’ll have every chance to discover new passions, strengths and qualities within herself. Our job is to foster that sense of adventure and help her take advantage of everything on offer.

She’s ready for the next step. During these formative years, she learns to step up to new responsibilities, understand what’s expected of her and know how to tap into the immense wraparound support of the St Cuthbert’s family.  As our girls travel through their early secondary years, we see them make amazing discoveries about themselves. We see them become more confident, complex learners and learn to master the physical, social and emotional ups and downs that come with early adolescence.

I warmly welcome you and your daughter to come visit us. I would love to meet you and your daughter.

Judi Paape, Acting Head of Middle School