Meet our Head Girl

Johanna Setefano: Head Girl, 2019

Having been a part of the St Cuthbert’s community since Year 9, it is my absolute privilege to serve the College as the Head Girl for 2019.

When I first started at St Cuthbert’s, I was somewhat of an introverted person. However, four years later, with the ongoing support of my family, friends, teachers and church, I am now a confident, and hard-working person who embraces challenges as opportunities for personal development and growth.

There is a Samoan saying: “O le ala i le pule, o le tautua!” The pathway through leadership is through service. To me, this means doing the right thing for the right reasons and not only serving others with a smile but, most of all, serving with love.

I hope to leave St Cuthbert’s a more special place than it was when I first entered those big green gates. Mostly, I wish to inspire other girls to be role models and to remind them that as young women, we are not only the future of St Cuthbert’s but also of New Zealand.

Let’s be proud of who we are and use our talents to serve the school and one another.

Soifua ma ia manuia,

God bless you all


Tiana Willis-Baker: Head Girl, 2018

Tiana began at St Cuthbert’s in Year 7, as a recipient of the Endeavour Scholarship. In that time she consistently distinguished herself as a collaborative leader, team player and mentor.

As Head Girl she represents St Cuthbert’s in all aspects of her life. This includes creating strong connections with Year 9 students to help them settle into Senior School life, supporting school sports teams, mentoring at Year 9 camp, to hosting a Luncheon for prefects from other schools around Auckland.

Tiana believes the most important aspect of her role is looking out for the people she is leading and representing.  “St Cuthbert’s means a lot to me but the most important part is the relationships with people across the school. I aim to treat everyone with kindness. It’s not hard to give quality time and be kind. I’ve seen how much this can mean to the younger girls. It’s about creating a bond that grows over the year. I see their confidence soar with the support of a friendly face”.

Through her time at St Cuthbert’s Tiana has embraced all opportunities and aspects of school life including sport, music, drama and cultural groups. She embodies the school motto,  ‘By Love Serve’ and strongly believes that the pathway to leadership is through service.

Tiana hopes her legacy will be building greater unity between the Senior, Middle, and, Junior Schools.

“I want our school to be a place where every girl who walks through our gates feels a strong sense of belonging. House spirit is such an important part of being at our school, I would like to encourage a culture of inclusiveness, to ensure that our school community embraces and celebrates diversity. Each girl is unique and plays a special part in the success of the school”.

Tiana Willis-Baker