Senior School

Fiona Cottam, Head of Senior School and Deputy Principal

As your daughter enters the Senior School it is our job to help prepare her to be capable, caring and ready to embrace life’s opportunities and challenges. At St Cuthbert’s she will get every encouragement to persevere, the support to discover her unique strengths and passions, and the confidence to reach her full potential.

She will be noticed, nurtured and where needed, supported or extended. We want to see her leave our care with self confidence, wonderful memories, life long friendships and the tools to be successful.

She’s an individual. Right throughout St Cuthbert’s, your daughter is recognised as a unique individual. By genuinely getting to know each one of our girls and really paying attention to what’s going on for them, we can provide what they need to feel happy and secure.

Developing character. Your daughter’s journey through the Senior School is a time of developing character, resilience and independence. Our girls tell us that one of their most defining experiences is their month-long Kahunui experience. In Year 10 they head to our remote Kahunui Campus in the Bay of Plenty, completely unplugged from all devices. They’re immersed in a very different environment where physical and social experiences give them strategies for life.

A 21st Century girl. Your daughter will inherit a very different world from the one we know. Through her time with us she will become equipped for this world – whatever it looks like. She’ll understand what it means to be a global citizen. She’ll learn self-care practices to manage inevitable life pressures, and she’ll develop the agility and competencies to navigate whatever her future holds.

These are some of the most exciting years in a young woman’s life. As head of the Senior School, it is my privilege to be part of your daughter’s journey. I welcome you to come and visit the Senior School and experience for yourself the wonderful discovery I watch every day.

Fiona Cottam, Head of Senior School
Deputy Principal, St Cuthbert’s