Academic curriculum

The curriculum at St Cuthbert’s is future-focussed with an emphasis on ensuring students have an opportunity to experience a wide range of subjects.

The subjects offered are broad in years 7-10 and become increasingly specialised as our girls discover their passions – whether it be in the arts, humanities, languages or sciences.

The curriculum at Year 7-10 focusses on ensuring students develop literacy and numeracy skills as well as developing critical and caring thinking, problem solving and ensuring students are resilient and well prepared as they move into the examination years (11-13).

Starting in Year 7, girls can choose some of their own courses. By the time they reach Year 13 they can choose all their own subjects.

We offer both NCEA and International Baccalaureate (IB), and support girls and families through the process of choosing the academic pathway which best suits their future study and career aspirations.

For in-depth detail about our Senior Curriculum, download our 2020 Curriculum Handbook here