Careers and next steps

By the time your daughter reaches Year 13 and is considering her study and career pathways, she will have already established many of the life skills needed to confidently evaluate her options.

We see many of our girls approach this step with maturity, drawing on their own analysis, networking and decision-making skills.

Through all stages of this process, our dedicated Careers Department guides each girl through undergraduate programmes options and information on New Zealand and international universities. Their work also includes the following:

  • Applications for university financial scholarships are managed by our Head of Careers. Our girls achieve a large number of scholarship offers for study here and abroad.
  • All Senior Academy students have a one-on-one appointment with our Head of Careers to discuss their learning passions and aptitudes, preferred areas of study and career goals. They Careers Department resources continue to be available right throughout their decision-making and application process.
  • Year 12 and 13 students get insights into many different careers, with up to 40 guest speakers from a range of industries sharing their experiences and advice.
  • We also host New Zealand and international university presentations and course planning workshops for Year 13 students to equip them as they transition into tertiary training.
  • To ensure every girl transitions effectively from school into life beyond, they are encouraged to think critically about their plans early on. In the years before Senior Academy we run a Career Education Programme which helps girls evaluate their pathways. At this stage girls are encouraged to keep their subject choice broad enough to allow for a change of direction as they explore all their options.