Getting to know us

Whether she excels on the sports field or on the stage, academically or in another unique way, we will ensure that your daughter is able to explore her strengths and talents in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Every girl who walks through the doors of St Cuthbert’s has the ability to do incredible things. Our dedicated, world-class teachers will work with your daughter to identify what makes her truly amazing, inside and outside of the classroom. By identifying your daughter’s unique talents and strengths, our teachers assist every girl to find her place, both in the St Cuthbert’s community and the wider world.

What will this journey look like for her?

Her wellbeing

A St Cuthbert’s journey is a partnership between your daughter, her family and the school. Through over 100 years of growing resilient, well-rounded young women, we know that happy girls are engaged girls. In turn, engaged girls have more confidence, are open to new challenges and have the determination to succeed. In our experience, it all begins with each girl’s happiness.

One of the many benefits of a St Cuthbert’s education is the emphasis that the school places on developing all dimensions; that is, focusing on each girl’s academic, social, and emotional growth.

The St Cuthbert’s Wellbeing Faculty includes counsellors, a registered child and adolescent psychotherapist, and mental health practitioners. In conjunction with students’ teachers, Deans, and family, the Wellbeing team take a holistic approach to providing guidance on the mental, physical, and emotional health of St Cuthbert’s students.

By making it normal and healthy to ask for help, girls also learn that it’s ok to reach out to others. They know what it means to care and be cared for.

Settling in
From their first day in Year 8, girls are placed in a vertical Tutor Group which sees them paired with the same Tutor Teacher all the way through the Senior School. This system allows Tutor Teachers to get to know each girl as an individual and they can quickly recognise any issues if they arise.

These vertical Tutor Groups also allow students to mix with girls from all year levels in the Senior School. Year 9s can look to the older Tutor Group members for advice, while Year 13s have the chance to lead, share their knowledge and mentor younger girls.

As she progresses through the school she’ll have an abundance of opportunities to try her hand at new pursuits. With 30 sporting codes, performing arts for competition or fun, cultural groups, meaningful leadership, mentoring and buddy roles and rewarding values programmes to choose from, she’ll have every opportunity to find and do what she loves.

Specialising in girls
Everything we do at St Cuthbert’s is geared towards bringing out the best in girls – and every day we see our girls thrive in this all-girl environment. Without gender stereotyping they freely pursue – and excel at – traditional male STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). With the freedom to be themselves, they are confident to take risks, be playful and live their beliefs.

St Cuthbert’s attracts clever, creative teachers who are absolutely dedicated to their subject and the progress of their students; they specialise in educating girls and choose to work with us. Our school is well-known as being a leader and a passionate champion of female education.

Diverse Learners
Our academic results are stellar across both IB and NCEA, and we are equally committed to working with diverse learners, ensuring every girl who needs support or extension has the opportunity to fulfil her potential.

Our girls’ progress in the Senior School is monitored by tutor group and subject teachers who are skilled at recognising diverse learning and who can refer girls to our Personalised Learning Centre. By addressing any potential issues as soon as they arise, girls remain engaged at levels appropriate to their understanding. Our five-weekly monitoring programme also means any issues are quickly identified and managed.

As learning becomes more complex many girls find the PLC a valuable resource to help build executive functioning skills such as focus, time management, study techniques and organisation.

Ready for her next step
Our girls will navigate an exhilarating and challenging future. While each girl will leave us with qualifications and personal achievements, we believe it is our job to equip them for the world ahead. Through her senior years with us she will master the agility to switch between projects and careers; she’ll have strong values and understand her rights and responsibilities in the world; her social skills will help her negotiate hostel, flat and work life; and above all she’ll have robust strategies to deal with whatever comes her way.

Whilst we are extraordinarily proud of every girl who performs well in her academic pursuits, we recognise that academic results aren’t the only measure of success.

In addition to ensuring that our students are as equally prepared for their exams as they are for the real world, St Cuthbert’s believes that developing happy, engaged and enthusiastic learners begins with knowing each girl individually.